Vacation Part I

Happy New Year to family and friends!

It has been over a week that I have been off work, and I felt like I have accomplished more than I have all year long!

I celebrated one of the most mysterious days in a young child’s mind, Christmas, with both children. They were in awe, and I was rubbing my eyes with one hand and my little girl was holding the two fingers of my other hand gently guiding me down the stairs.

Over the course of the past week, I have been able to complete a lot at home; cleaned all of the dust/cobwebs and reorganized my home office and spent a large amount of quality time with my family without interruption.

My wife and I went to a Thrashers game last week, and watched on the edge of our seats before the Thrashers finally put the second goal in with eight seconds left to spare in the game! I will be taking my son, a friend of his and friends father this coming Friday to another Thrashers game too!

Reorganized the home office!

I obtained a new HP w22 LCD from the north pole (enabling me to separate more computers in the home) and I have been slowly but steadily cleaning and reorganizing several computers. I came to the conclusion that I relied too much on my laptop from work. So one of my goals over this holiday break is to remove my dependency on it for anything outside work (including bookmarks, Microsoft Money, downloading digital pictures, etc).

The gaming and the video editing computer have been physically separated from the programming desktop/servers in different parts of my office at home. Sharing the same desk became a little too close as my son grew! 🙂 He has his own desk now, and will sit directly behind me. I’m still not comfortable with him having his own computer in his room and playing any games without someone monitoring his activities semi-closely.

Joe (a friend from work) and I spoke today, he has some excellent ideas with home office configuration. Maybe I can get him to blog about his configuration…I’m impressed from what I heard!

Working on a few scattered projects!

With the reorganization of the office, I am going to jump back into some side projects. Some related to open source, while others are just things needed to ease the maintenance of servers both outside as well as computers in the house.

For the fellow geeks…I’m back to running Debian primarily on servers after switching off of Gentoo this year. Gentoo has some great traits, but for the remote servers, it wasn’t as feasible providing updates on a production server and waiting for binaries to compile. With some twisting from a friend, I set up my primary desktop to utilize KUbuntu. I must admit it looks quite impressive at 1680×1050. NVidia is pushing the graphics very well!

I’m looking forward to begin meeting with the embedded guys after the holidays, so we can once again pick up where we left off with that appliance!


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