The little magic pill

This is disturbing…

Researchers from Denmark and the U.S. say that there are over 200 industrial chemicals, including metals, solvents and pesticides, which have the potential to damage the brain.

Scientists believe fetal and early childhood exposures to industrial chemicals in the environment can damage the developing brain and can lead to neurodevelopmental disorders such autism, attention deficit disorder (ADHD), and mental retardation. 

Read it here.

Once upon a day, a child was born who at an early age was diagnosed with ADHD and autism, so his doctor, parents and teachers supported the magical little pills invented the 1990’s to cure such a thing.  “It will help them think more clearly…” was one claim and many more claims turned to realization, before everyone with any slightly related behavior quickly eyed that magical little pill.

It helped, for years and years; children grew through what everyone thought at that time was a normal and healthy lifestyle.  Those little kids grew up.

One such child…was never taught right from wrong other than swallow this pill, take this spanking, you were so wrong…go to your room.  Until one day that child became a young adult and began to think for himself.  And soon he realized his mother could not raise her hand to him, or spank him or send him straight to his room.

That little boy, who had been taught so little was now ready for society, thanks to the help of a little magic pill.  Until one day, the unfortunate happened, that little boy didn’t understand why, but he snapped, something terrible happened and now that little boy who is grew into a young man was sitting in front of a judge later to be imprisoned.

Some of you will say, that is a far stretch of reality, others may say this is fiction.  I challenge you to consider it.  Is it really? Lets see what happens to our youth in years to come, after years upon years of taking that little magic pill so it can cure the things they should have been taught in the first place, like how to behave properly and conduct themselves in society to begin with.

I love this great country, but it makes me sick to think that as American’s we must always find a quick solution to our problems.  The same way fast food was so convenient, it made us fat! A little magic pill solves problems today quickly, but I hate to think of the problems we face in the future as these young men and women one day have to enter society and make decisions for themselves.


2 responses to “The little magic pill

  1. People need to think long term. Short-term fixes will bring side-effects at times. 🙂

  2. No surprise to me at all. Autism treatment would begin with repairing the food chain and the environment. Certainly not with giving disgusting little pills such as ritalin!

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