School, children and society

This post hits a bit closer to home. Typically in my free, but often mobile time, I ponder things I can improve upon regarding my own actions at work/home or something related to a problem at hand with regards to a work or personal technical project.

Lately, I have been studying people, actions, and pondering the very society that we live in today. There is literature available in books and of course the internet.

I searched Google for society’s effects on children, the results are expected: media violence, divorce, domestic violence, and alcohol. Something which I suspected.

But what I had in mind was something quite different. The effects we have on our children today due to pressures of doing well, the constant pushing to play every sport or activity so they can be well rounded. The push our teachers feel in the classroom to deliver better results as measured by their state government.

What happened to kids being kids? Did I miss something when I crossed the line into parenthood? What happened to a kid making a mistake (i.e. blurting out an answer), and both school and parents teaching them why they should give another child a chance to answer his own question, rather than asking the child to write in a book and never explaining to him or her why they did that?

What happened to allowing a kid to express themselves, whether they are outgoing or shy? Why do we feel that children have to be shackled into a specific mold, and all shaped the same?

Haven’t we learned from our history that being different should be acceptable? This is something that we as parents have taught my eight year old boy. Yet, growing individuality and his strengths does not seem at all important to the system.

I remember as a child it was ok to make mistakes. You were taught the difference between right and wrong, and well…the gray stuff in between was part of childhood.


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