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Our school system needs help

There are always two sides to the story. But adults who work with children have to always remember what they may feel like doing at a particular moment, may not be the right decision.


Student slapped, teacher resigns
[Local Newspaper link]

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School, children and society

This post hits a bit closer to home. Typically in my free, but often mobile time, I ponder things I can improve upon regarding my own actions at work/home or something related to a problem at hand with regards to a work or personal technical project.

Lately, I have been studying people, actions, and pondering the very society that we live in today. There is literature available in books and of course the internet.

I searched Google for society’s effects on children, the results are expected: media violence, divorce, domestic violence, and alcohol. Something which I suspected.

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Your creed

I received an email from Harley-Davidson, that talked about a Creed film. It talks about why people ride HD motorcycles. At the end they ask for you to enter your own creed. I entered mine, which I centered around my riding experiences, what I think about while riding.

Thinking about this, led me to think about creeds people have in general with their lives. So I ask this of you; a friend, my family or just a random visitor. What is your creed?

Arrgghhh…Another inacurate statment in technology marketing

I received an email to attend a Dr. Dobb’s Journal sponsored NetSeminar. A snippet of the actual description bugged me enough to blog about it…

Managed RunTime Environments (MRTEs) such as Microsoft.NET* and Java* are becoming the environments of choice for developers because they abstract the specifics of the operating system and nderlying* architecture. Such abstraction provides for rapid and easy development of sophisticated applications.

The first comment that annoys me:

because they abstract the specifics of the operating system and nderlying architecture.

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