What my teacher, Mrs. LaVigne, left out…

To this day, I will always remember the words of wisdom my teacher left us with on that hot summer day. Choose a job that you will be happy doing every day of your life.

I do not think that she realizes how much that resonated in my head. To this day, I still reflect back on her words, I can picture her standing in front of the classroom and writing that on the black board.

Each time I have had an opportunity before me concerning my professional career, I always consider what was said to me so long ago. I always choose something which I felt I would be happy doing.

What Mrs. LaVigne left out; the lack of passion that does not exist in the workplace. Maybe it does exist in smaller companies, and sparingly in corporate companies. As I see it, Mrs. LaVigne told us to do something we would absolutely love. When we get into that roll, we quickly see those around us who are here just to collect a paycheck.

Why didn’t she warn us about these types of people and places? Where is the passion in doing an excellent job? What happened to the decision makers with regards to measuring twice before cutting once?

Some people would say to lighten up, its just a job. But that pill is too difficult for me to swallow. I have pride in what I do. We teach our children to do their best, to try hard and never do something at 50%. Then why as adults do we make excuses for ourselves and accept substandard performance?

A classic example: Some standards are set and will eventually be captured across all teams where I work. But the standards are simply a list of tasks to ensure you’ve completed them. Its a checklist. It doesn’t measure how good or bad the team has done the job, just that they measured up to the lowest common denominator.

Check lists are suppose to be a list of steps to validate you’ve completed all of the required steps accurately. But no where in the checklists does it address how well you did the job.


One response to “What my teacher, Mrs. LaVigne, left out…

  1. Let’s hope we have more teachers who can think like the Mrs LaVigne here (be it in the States, or in my country Malaysia). Their students will benefit a lot from that single sentence….becoming someone who loves his/her job, and not someone who works for the sake of working.

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