Atlanta Traffic?

I was speaking with a colleague while at work the other day concerning Atlanta traffic. It started when he overheard one of our wonderful local Atlanta news stations, stating that Atlanta is #3, having the worst traffic in the nation.

I would typically not disagree over such a small issue, given the fact that I drive in Atlanta traffic M-F. But, well I do not have a lot of respect for our local news channels.

So we began our brief hunt to uncover the truth. As you may all be wondering, fact and statistic never see eye to eye. We had a problem finding up to date information.

However, most of the reports we found didn’t even put Atlanta in the top five. Should I be proud? I guess I sort of am. In the process we uncovered some interesting information.

Demographia – Atlanta

Blueprint 2030 – Affordable Mobility and access for all of Atlanta and Georgia

I found the latter link very interesting. I haven’t spent a lot of time reading the details.


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