A little embedded

Hold tough Atmel, this is one new embedded developer who doesn’t want to see you stop innovation…

Atmel power struggle hints at Valley’s unease
I have played in embedded development for a few years, on and off. Take the Symbol wireless barcode scanners in which I wrote in eVC++ and CF.NET. There was of course the fun Agenda handheldagendavr3.jpg Linux devices, and flashing the wonderful familiar distribution on my Compaq iPAQ.

Where is this all going? I recently graduated an Embedded certificate program (at SouthernPoly Technic) with some of smartest guys I have had an opportunity to meet. The instructor, Jerry, has fun and very challenging teaching techniques he utilizes throughout the course.

I have been switching gears at home, coding on the SBC that a classmate, Flash, donated to us all. And in addition I have been having my go with Amtel’s products.

Atmel products are plentiful. If you can think it up, in almost every case they have the microprocessor you need to get the job done. They also provide the rich development tools to aid you in your development.

Check them out for yourself. I think you’ll be impressed.

Atmel products


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