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Secure your phone with your face

Face Sensing Engine (FSE), developed by Oki Electric, is a user authentication solution that uses face recognition technology.

Mobile phone security – in your face


Hacking my life away

Some days I wish I could tinker all day in my home office and garage. I am a MAKE subscriber and visit Hack-A-Day almost daily. What is it about tearing things apart, making my modifications and putting them back together? Most people say if they won a large cash settlement, they would buy houses and take vacations. Sure would wouldn’t? But what would you do during those idle times? I would love nothing more than to play with the microcontrollers and WiFi gadgets all day…

Steerable 802.11 Cantenna

This is just fun!

Passing callable objects instead of strings

Reviewing documentation, I noticed a very nice suggestion and change now supported in the django web framework, written in python. Callable objects used to resolve URL requests are now supported:

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A new ride?

Las Vegas to Mexico and back 15 hours of driving time!

Oh, did I mention it was all on a motorcycle?

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So, tell me about yourself…

Found this post on another blog:


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Animator vs. Animation

This is classic! If you have ever enjoyed a cartoon fighting it out with his animator; the classic grabbing the pencil to draw more or use the eraser to remove something…then you’ll like this:

Animator vs. Animation

What my teacher, Mrs. LaVigne, left out…

To this day, I will always remember the words of wisdom my teacher left us with on that hot summer day. Choose a job that you will be happy doing every day of your life.

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